Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Twittered? (Thing 7 cont. part 3)

One of the challenges for Thing 7 was to try another Web tool. I finally tried Twitter this afternoon, because while reading my extreme backlog of SLJ at Caribou, I read an article titled, "Tweets At Your Library." It gave some excellent suggestions for using Twitter in the library setting.

First, though, let me ruminate on my Twittering. One of the options was to load your address book from your email account and search for 'friends' and others that Tweet on Twitter. (Say that 5 times fast!) Anyhoo, of note is that no one in my address book matched any emails or whatnot for Twitter. All 180 some of those in my address book! What does that mean? Hmmm....Does it mean no one of my Gen Tweets on Twitter? (I'm enjoying writing it, sorry!) Does it mean that no one uses their names? Or their emails that we usually use? Or are their settings just set to private so they aren't on the Twitter public roll of what's new etc.?

I have added the Widget for Twitter to my blog, just to see. One of the suggestions from the SLJ article was to post micro-content booktalks. I am eating this one up! I am thinking of trying this idea. I am set to do booktalks on Friday with a class and maybe I could highlight some of them? Again, the time thing...but we'll see. Could I use Twitter's HTML link and link it to my library homepage and try to gain some readership there? I might try. Of course my school will probably block it but it's worth trying.

Let me play a day or two and see what happens. I'll report back.


Anonymous said...

SLJ back issues and Caribou seem to be a good combination for inspiration!

Favorite Professional Journals + Laptop (and Internet Access) + Chai Latte...

Sounds like a new and fabulous recipe!

Anonymous said...

Loved your chat on Thing #7 - fun! - sounds like choosing to spend the afternoon at Barnes and Noble was productive for you! T