Saturday, February 9, 2008

Mashups! (Thing 5)

M A S H wide u plain card disc letter p fire hydrant S
Exploring Flickr mashups was a lot of fun. The article about the 10 best Flickr mashups was a good one and listed some fun ones to try. Flickr Sudoku and Flickrball also looked entertaining, but I don't have the time to spend. I could waste hours playing with them. (Reminiscent of avatars and Snood and Yoshi....) Flickr captioner looked good, too. I just didn't feel like spending more time in Flickr trying to find another photo and trying to be clever. It's Saturday, I'm not sure I can be clever on a Saturday.

I'd seen Flickr spell used quite a few places, so I knew what to expect. I've started to noticed that there are only so many letter photos because I recognize the style of the letters from other words that have been spelled.

I also did some playing with a website called FD's Flickr Toys that had a Billboard maker from various photos. I tried to upload one of ours from our iPhoto and the result is below. The Flying Monkey makes his debut on Broadway!

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