The Bonnet Rating System

5 Bonnets: You've swooned and gone to Jane Austen heaven. (It must have been a Colin Firth sighting.)

4 Bonnets: It's a truth universally acknowledged that it's a good adaptation all around. It's got wit, it's got period costumes, it's Jane. But there's no Colin Firth.

3 Bonnets: It's like a trip to Meryton, but only to find out all of the officers have gone to Brighton.

2 Bonnets: Are the shades of Pemberley to be thus polluted? At least it's Jane Austen.

1 Bonnet: Listening to Mr. Collins read Fordyce's Sermons is better.

0 Bonnets: It's what life would be like if Lizzy had married Mr. Collins. (Just chuck the book, movie or otherwise into the fire.)