Saturday, February 9, 2008

Flickr Link Directions Not Helpful (Thing 4)

A short rant about Thing 4 and linking the photo I pulled from Flickr back to Flickr from my blog. The 23Things blog links to the Flickr photo help link that describes finding and using a link that is the "correct" was to link back to a photo on Flickr.

Here's the thing. This link only appears when you are logged into Flickr and for your own personal photos. I thought I was doing something incorrectly and asked JD for help, feeling incredibly 2.0 incompetent since I deem myself fairly intuitive when it comes to these things. He logged in with his Flickr account and we did some trouble shooting. No links when the picture isn't yours, but there are links there when it is yours.

So--Flickr, get some new help directions!!

Just copy and past the link from the view photo page and cite your source. Enough said.

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