Sunday, February 10, 2008

More on Mashups (Thing 5)

One of the blog prompts asked users to consider ways to use various mashups in their library settings. I struggle with some of these, because these are the eqvililent to bulletin boards for me. I don't do bulletin boards. Really. At all. If you visit my school, you'll notice that the library has several bulletin boards. One is standard research bulletin board that doesn't change throughout the year. The other is for newspaper articles and images for when something or someone is my school is recognized by our local newspapers. Simple, sweet, to the point. Not a lot of putzing and creativity. Also, I don't want to spend time working on these things. It's just not me. I do do library displays but they are my style, a little cloth over a table, a theme and a few signs here and there.

I equate some of these mashups to bulletin boards because I think you can over do it with bulletin boards. I think, too, you can overdo it with mashups. Do I need to spend time doing these photo editing tidbits and adding them to my library webpage or anything similar? Maybe. Maybe not.

I supposed I could....make sure the fabulous techno wizard students who do the school newspaper know about spell with flicker and the captioner. I can see them finding some goofy pictures and placing captions on them and putting those in our school newspaper. I could see myself utilizing Spell with Flickr to create some signage for a display at some point or updating something new on the webpage. But, otherwise, I am struggling for applicable uses in a middle school setting. Anyone else? Any other ideas?

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