Sunday, February 22, 2009

iGoogle again...(Thing 28)

Thing 28 encourages us to explore various tools for customized home pages from iGoogle, Netvibes, or Pageflakes. Here's my beef--what's with all of these More 23 Things being repeats? This was a thing during the first 23 Things go around and I tried Google's service, iGoogle. For this Thing, I went back to iGoogle and played around with my pages again. Since the last go around, I have visited and used iGoogle here and there. I find the convenience of having some sources in one place very useful and only wish that some of the widgets didn't take so long to load. I added a few widgets, including my Yahoo email, a Facebook application, & a To-Do List generator (which I could not get to work). I also tried to change the themes for the background. I was a bit frustrated because to change a theme, you have to change the theme on each page you have in iGoogle. While this is great if you want a different theme on each page, it's annoying if you like continuity. I liked that I found an email app & a Facebook app since they are two of the web tools I use the most. The Google Reader tool is nice, but I don't like the layout of the widget, so to me it is not the most useful. I'd rather just go to the Google Reader page and check my feeds there.

I also checked out the Netvibes site and did their demo page with widgets, which you can do without creating a login. It is very similar to iGoogle in layout and starts a user off with content by asking what topics you are interested in, as well as asking for your city and state location for local content. Without creating a login, it is difficult to tell what other features Netvibes might offer and right now, I don't want to try another tool I'll never use again. (Anyone sense a theme with me lately?)

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Anonymous said...

Argh... I think that they picked out all the "Things" for round two that I found lacking in round one. Your "beef" is not rare...unfortunately.