Monday, April 14, 2008

To Infinity and Beyond (Thing 21)

For this thing, I played around a bit in Ning and looked at some other social networking sites.
Ning is another social networking site where groups can make there own special interest forum and group. I joined the 23 Things group and here's the badge.

Visit 23 Things on a Stick

I found I did more exploring with all of the settings on Ning and just did a lot of looking around. I'm worn out from all of this "signing-up." I like that certain groups have communities on Ning, but I didn't care for the layout. And I can't pinpoint why. It's driving me nuts. It feels too cluttered, I think.

One of the sites listed to try was Shelfari and since I am already a member, I was excited. I'll be honest, I have too many logins I may never use again. I like Shelfari and am going to stick with that. See my thoughts, here.

I also scoped out some of the other social networking sites listed in this thing. I liked, a site for those who like to cook and like recipes. But just what I don't need right now are more recipes to site and collect dust. :) So, perhaps that isn't the right networking space for me.

In other notes, I keep finding more friends on Facebook. I need to write on some walls, there are people I haven't talked to in ages. :)

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