Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Podcasting (Thing 19)

I am not new to podcasting. We listen to certain podcasts fairly religiously in on our iPod in the car--NPR's Sunday Puzzle and A Way With Words.

In searching out some new podcasts, I discovered a blog that has a post that lists numerous links to, what else, Jane Austen Podcasts!! HURRAH!

I looked at some of podcasts the author lists and found one from NPR when they intereviewed screenwriter Andrew Davies on Morning Edition about his numerous Jane Austen adaptations. It was from the Morning Edition: Interviews portion and I added that feed to my Google Reader account. I also have Nancy Keane's booktalks podcast feed in my GR account as well.

I think iTunes is so simple and easy to use. I did do some exploring in PodcastAlley and Yahoo Podcasts, but I am partial to iTunes.

I have tried podcasting on my media center website for bookreviews. I have published 1 and have 1 waiting in the works. (I just need to sit down and take the time to finish it.) I am trying to get some 8th graders to do some book podcasts with me, but they just aren't biting at it right now. I think the only way I'll get them to try it is if it is with or for a class activity. Here is the link to my podcast, which I made using the software GarageBand on my computer. I have also played with Audacity.

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Toland back in HS said...

First off, I've never read anything by Jane Austen but you have definitely piqued my interest. What a wonderful blog! I enjoyed reading your synthesis on the 23 Things. Others have also wondered if technology is more of a blessing or a curse. All in moderation. I can tell you are someone who will be able to pick out what helps you, and leave the rest.