Monday, April 14, 2008

I have friends--on Facebook! (Thing 20)

This thing made me do what I'd been avoiding for quite some time. At last, I am a Facebook user. I spent much of last evening setting up my profile and finding friends. (Ok, sending generic friend requests to folks in my email address book.) I was happy to find I had friends in less than 5 minutes. What does that say about Sunday evening computer usage? Everyone's online on Sunday night? Or better yet, what does that say about my gen, the somewhere in between X/Y's that we are...I know that most of my college friends are on facebook. I now know that most anyone from my HS class is not. Or at least I can't find them. That's somewhat interesting if you ask me. Or maybe they just won't own up to the fact that they went to school in rural WI. Either way, I sifted through the 500 some alums of my HS that are listed just to see.

In good news, it seems that I mgiht actually hear from my sibs-in-law. (Are you two reading this? :)) It seems they are just enough younger as to use facebook much more frequently. When JD joined, he was told he was, "too old!" Last night, I was more or less told, "nice to see you took the plunge." Perhaps we are just a bit too old, but I can see where the networking facebook employs can be useful. I can't get DT to answer an email, but I wrote on his wall and had a response that night! Now that's what I call networking and the power of Facebook.

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