Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Sense and Sensibility Part 2

Sense and Sensibility's second part aired on Sunday night. It was a good culmination of the story, but I think I was a bit let down. I think that the first part did such a good job of setting the story and tone. It gave detail and didn't skip over things. The second part felt fast and perhaps somewhat rushed. All of the events happening so close together made the time go by quickly, but there wasn't the same time to savor the story in this part. Like the first part it is well done and I think if I sit and watch the whole adaptation straight through, I will find a bit more continuity to it. I was frustrated by the appearance of Willoughby after Marianne has been sick. Is it that disjointed in the book? He sort of appears out of nowhere. The same can be said for the appearance of the two Miss Steele's at the Ferris household. They were just invited there? What? What's the connection that would lead to such an invitation? I guess it's no wonder I just bought a new copy of S&S at B&N last week. We know what I will start to read later this evening....Overall, a great version. Andrew Davies wins my kudos again for a great screenplay of dear JA.

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