Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Final Thoughts (Thing 23)

Several final thoughts on the 23 Things on a stick library learning program:

1. My network/filter powers that be are going to hunt me down and find out why I keep unblocking sites like YouTube, Flickr and Ning. If anyone looks at my internet usage record for the last month at work, it looks like all I do is play. YAY! Isn't it fun to play!

2. I really enjoyed learning about all of the various tools that are out there and what other folks think are ways to use these tools in the library setting. I am more and more curious about various ways, but continually frustrated by my school district. I can't add certain tools with Java or that embed into our school website software because they aren't allowed. This site or that is blocked. We don't allow kids email or outside storage devices. It's all quite maddening. How do we explore some of these great tools when they aren't allowed or we constantly tell our kids no??

3. We test too much. (Oh, that's not a 23 thing, thing...That's a thought about this week...)

4. I'd definately explore more tools or try another learning program that Metronet offers.

5. I'm not sure what my favorite tool that we discovered during the 23 things journey was. I really liked exploring all of the tools and learning new things. I liked Library Thing and Shelfari. I liked Facebook for making me actually join it since I was so anti-facebook. I liked finding the fun tools like ImageChef to make fun images online. Overall, it just felt good to learn new things and keep up with all that changes in the blink of an eye.

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Ann WS said...

Play and learn is our motto--glad it is yours, too. congratulations on finishing all 23 things and on time!

Stay tuned for more things on a stick in fall or winter.