Friday, July 15, 2011

Only Mr. Darcy Will Do

Only Mr. Darcy Will Do by Kara Louise
Sourcebooks Landmark, 2011. 353 pgs.

Ahem, I have realized that I have another book to add to the mix of lost time.  I could have sworn I did a blog entry on this book, but alas, I did not. Let me clarify, it was not because this book was forgettable that I forgot to write about it....Darn pregnancy brain.  Let me also acknowledge that I read this sometime mid-winter and some of the minor plot details have started to escape me. Forgive me if I miss something or get something incorrect.

Kara Louise takes us on the "what if Mr. Bennet died before Elizabeth and Darcy could get things figured out" plotline in this lovely novel.  Mr. Bennet dies, Elizabeth becomes a governess for the Willstones and much to her surprise discovers that they are acquaintances of the Bingleys and Darcys.  Long story short, they are invited to Pemberley for a visit (Elizabeth included) and Darcy does what he can to catch Elizabeth's fancy despite Mrs. Willstones sister's (Rosalyn) obvious interest in Darcy and Mrs. Willstones obvious objections when she notices the attention that Darcy pays a simple governess.

I enjoyed this novel because it showed Darcy putting to use the second chance he receives in becoming (re)acquainted with Elizabeth.  He is persistent in regards to Elizabeth and oblivious to the fact that Rosalyn admires him.  Elizabeth being invited to Pemberley as a governess was a nice twist to the P&P plot.  It is not far fetched and the feelings of the characters realistic.  The Willstones were a bit cold to Elizabeth but it was due to their recognition that Elizabeth and Rosalyn were rivals for Darcy's attentions.  This story worked for me and was another quick light read.

4 Bonnets.

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