Thursday, July 14, 2011

Jane Goes Batty

Jane Goes Batty by Micheal Thomas Ford
Ballantine, 2011. 295 pgs.

We're moving on into the time when I was coming out of hardly awake stage here.  I am pretty sure I read Jane Goes Batty sometime in May (Or was it June?).  Well, either way, it was a true delight.  Really. For someone NOT particularly enamored with Twilight or the whole vampire thing, I can say that these books are just great.  Sure, they might not be "high" literature, but they contain a wit and sparkle that I, personally, think other Vampire fiction lacks (and other mash-ups for that matter as well).

To pick up where Jane Bites Back left off, Jane Goes Batty, starts with well, Jane going a bit batty!  Jane Fairfax's (aka Jane Austen) world is topsy turvy and out of control.  Her best-selling novel, Constance, is being made into a movie right in her hometown, she's still getting 'How To Be a Vampire" lessons from Lord Byron, and she keeps dodging her boyfriend Walter's hints at getting married.  Add that Walter's Jewish mother arrives in town, there's a camera crew following Jane around for DVD extras and that "Our Gloomy Friend" (aka vampire Charlotte Bronte) is still out there and Jane can hardly keep her fangs in check.

Hilarity ensues and laugh out loud moments populate this book.  Really and truly.  Micheal Thomas Ford's talent at witty storytelling shines through in this series.  He's creative and here's what I love--I didn't get bored at all!

Again 5 out of 5 bonnets!  Bravo!  (And did I mention that a 3rd in the series comes out Feb. 2011?  Jane Vows Vengeance!)

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