Sunday, July 17, 2011

Birthday Celebrating!

Having just celebrated a birthday I’m feeling contemplative on the whole birthday thing….Especially the summer birthday thing.  Since my birthday falls in what I have always deemed “the exact middle of summer” it is both wonderful and crummy all at once. It is wonderful because it is summer –I’ve hardly ever worked on my birthday being that I chose education as a profession (maybe I did in college when I worked at the canning factory? I don’t recall.).   So there’s that and well, heck, it’s my birthday.  There’s usually some kind of cake or dessert and presents with ribbons.  That’s pretty good. 
While, yes, it’s true I hardly ever got the paper birthday crown in elementary school. ---Well, maybe once for a half birthday in January and I never got to bring treats in to celebrate--except for that one time when I had a crown?—Really, this lack of inclusion stopped bothering me at some point.  Let’s be realistic here, I looked on with bits of jealousy, but for the most part this lack of recognition fits my personality—the introvert in me finds no need to draw extra attention to myself.
Back to reality.  Being that my day is the 15th of July that means it’s the middle of summer.   The summer countdown begins and it’s over, this summer business, I mean and that means back to school or work or whatever it is. (Target and Staples had back to school supplies advertised last week!) Le sigh…
Usually, a nice quiet dinner and dessert with family has sufficed and I’ve been quite content.  But as I work my way through the decade of my, gulp, thirties, I think I’ve finally hit on something.   Here it is:  Let’s just make this virtually a whole week of celebrating and craziness and exhaustion!  What’s more, this year I documented the celebration with a photo blog story.   
Here goes:
Wednesday AM: Run around in the morning trying to get toddler to cooperate after she declares she doesn’t not want to go to storytime (one of her favorite activities).  Mom bribes child with cheerios to get her in the car and at least return books/movies to the bookdrop that cannot be renewed another day….
Wednesday early PM:  Uncle Dan arrives for his first solo babysitting adventure after sitting in traffic for an extra 45 minutes. We’re all a little flustered but said toddler is excited to play “pay-doh” with Unc Dan.  Score! (No photo available, photographer preoccupied with getting out the door.)

Wednesday evening:  Indigo Girls concert at the MN Zoo.  1. Yay that the zoo is open.  2. Yay for no rain during the outdoor concert. 3.Thank you to KC for the bleacher seat.  This pregnant lady would not have made it through the evening with out the back support!
We had a great time as per usual at the concert. Our seats this time ‘round weren’t the greatest we’ve ever had (last time was something like row 3 or 4 smack dead center!), but it’s not about seeing their faces as much as hearing the music.  Besides, their roadie/tuner gal was fun to watch as she chucked guitar picks at the Skippy the security guard.    
That all said, I have a small IG problem.  Later this week, my dad asked how many times I’d been to see them and the conversation went something like this:  “So, that was your second or third concert?”  “Um, no.”  I held up my hand and displayed all five fingers.  “Yes, I guess you really are a groupie.”  (And I’m making DH, dear hubbie, a groupie, too.  It was his third.) 
(Set List photo shamelessly yanked from the IG's FB page. They did not play Watershed and the question mark was an awesome rendition of Chickenman/Bitter Root mixed together.)  Thanks, ya’ll.  
Thursday AM:  Toddler dropped off at daycare.  Check.  Mini-cat nap on the couch.  (Have I mentioned I’m not sleeping very well right now?)  Check. 
Thursday Noon:  For my mom’s birthday, I’d said I’d take her out to lunch and shopping.  We did this on Thursday, which added to the birthday hoopla, we were celebrating someone’s birthday, right?  We had a delightful tea luncheon at the Mad Hatter in Anoka.  Unfortunately, the rain kept us from perusing the shops in downtown.
Thursday PM:  Pick toddler up from daycare and stop by the theatre on the way home for tickets.  Harry Potter tickets!
Friday AM:  Package on table with ribbons.  Wait wasn’t the concert my birthday present?  Guess not.  Teehee! Convinced toddler to hop in the car, despite the thunder to get Mom her ‘Bou Day Birthday Coffee.  Oh sweet decaf skinny almond cappuccino, it’s been a while! 
Friday AM cont.:  Matching Thomas and Friends with toddler.  Note that Mom’s spot is supposed to be RIGHT next to toddler and Little Nut Brown Hare on the floor.  Thank you thunderstorm!
Friday AM:  Grandma Sue and Grandpa Bruce arrive to spend part of the day with us.  We attempt the library musical program but it’s beyond packed.  Instead we do puzzles together at the library. 
Friday Noon:  Lunch at Chile’s.  DH joins us in the downpour.  Good food, albeit a bit slow in the service department.
Friday PM:  Naptime for toddler, birthday cake time for adults.  MMMMMM!  Say goodbye to parents, attempt to cat nap on couch.
Friday PM:  Papa Murphy’s pizza pickup (Ok, so it’s not Punch Pizza like last year, but this was pretty good stuff and what awaited was even better!)
Our church friends, Audrey and Al arrive to babysit.  They’ve offered to babysit pretty much since kiddo was born and it’s just never happened until now.  We show them the ropes, eat pizza together and head down the road several blocks to the theatre….
Friday PM:  Much Harry Potter Goodness.  And Crying.  And saying Goodbye to Dear Friends.  Sigh.  Gulp.  It was like finishing the last book for the first time—bittersweet.  It was awesome and even the small bits that were changed were perfect.  And can I just say what a pleasure it’s been to have all of the same actors and actresses play the same roles each time? 
The Star Tribune's review said this:  "For all the movies' dazzle and flash and Hippogriffs, the characters are more vivid than the special effects.  It is out emotional involvement with the three-dimensional heroes and villains, sidekicks and background players that draws us back time after time.  The final chapter ends with an epilogue that puts a lump in your throat and makes you want to watch them all again from the beginning.  That's the definition of a classic."  So true--as Albus Severus Potter found his seat on the Hogwart's Express, a chocolate frog jumped across the window of the train and I uttered, "Oh, a chocolate frog!"  Yep, time to start from number one again.
(See photo with Snape/Alan Rickman.  I Heart Alan Rickman.  Not that I think he's hot or anything but he's an awesome actor.  Love him!)
I’d also like to thank Baby Boy in utero for cooperating for a whopping 2.5 hours and allowing me not to have to get up to use the restroom.  Not even once.  Thank you, Son.  Much appreciated. 
Friday Later PM:  Birthday cake whilst watching the Thursday episode of “So You Think You Can Dance.” Who will be in the Top 10? One we pegged and one was a bit of a surprise. 
Saturday:  Recovery Mode. We’ve all slept a lot.  For the first time in 2.5 years, the child slept until almost 8 AM.  What a blissful summer schedule!

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Sarah AJ said...

Looks like you had a fantastic birthday week! I'm kind of exhausted just reading about it. ;)