Sunday, December 19, 2010

Jane Austen in Manhattan (Everything Austen 2)

(The below little ditty is mostly from my previous blog post, but for EA posting purposes, I am reposting so I can submit to the EA Challenge.) 

I watched "Jane Austen in Manhattan", circa 1980, as one of my "things" in the Everything Austen challenge.  I have one word to say about it: BAD.  So bad I'm not sure what to say or write. I'm just speechless.  I really struggled with the premise, the idea and the well, just plain old strangeness of the story and characters.  Not really a whole lot of Jane Austen here. Ok, so the premise is that they are going to perform a play based on JA's Juvenilia--Sir Charles Grandison. But really it was so minimal and the story so very strange.  The one and only highlight:  A very, very young Sean Young.  I think it was her first movie--ever.  Overall, not worth my time.  Slightly regretting the time I spent watching it, although I think I got some laundry folded. (At least I can tick off an EA item?) Sigh.  Going to read some Persuasion now....

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