Saturday, September 4, 2010

Adieu, Sweet Summer.

Monday marked the return of full time work until mid-June and I'm not thrilled with this prospect. 

But nevertheless I am reflecting on the glory of summer and all of the wonderful relaxation that occurred this summer.  Miss L and I learned a new routine together--one of baking, going to the park, going to storytimes-a-plenty, one of dance parties to Hey Hippopotamus by Justin Roberts, one of learning to paint and color and discover kiddie pools and watering cans. One of farmer's markets and music classes, one of attempting to use the potty, repeating the word no constantly and finally--one of learning to say the word love and getting a squished up hug thereafter.

Ready to bike!  
We're biking and we're happy!
Making cookies with Mom.
First ear of corn on the cob!  YUM!
Hugging Teddy (teddy bear puppet) from storytime!
Watering can fun!
At the beach, impromptu swimming!
Reading with Mom.

Tutu, car and Elmo!
Lest you think I can't relate Jane to this blog post.  Miss L with my glasses, reading The Annotated P&P. 

At summer's end, I have shed many tears this week as work stress begins and we've sent Miss L to daycare.  My summer pilates/yoga straightened shoulders look pinched again.  I have taken ibuprofen too many times to count this week.  With a sigh and a gulp, I bid you adieu, sweet, dear summer. 

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