Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Sweet Smell of Summer

Early this morning L & I made our first trip of the summer to the local branch of the St. Paul farmer's market. We went bright and early to avoid the heat, but it was still stifling!

As we walked (L slept in her stroller), I took in the sweet smells of (early) summer produce! Sweet & tangy yellow & white onions, a damp earthy smell of dirt & warm veggies, warm sun baked June berries...It was pure heaven. Less the heat and so I quickly stopped, smelled the produce, admired its beauty, breathed a big sigh and cruised down the row of vendors, hoping Miss L would stay sleeping. (She did, until we got home, which is another story...)

Farmer's markets always make me want to eat nothing but vegetables. I even look at things I never eat--various kinds of lettuce, cabbage, beets and think to myself, "I should get some of that." As the summer progresses, I try to vary what I buy. Today it was June berries--which were entirely too expensive, but just the smell of sun-ripened midwest berries versus the CA overly plump, no taste things we buy at the store had me sold. Some rhubarb as our rhubarb crop was miniscule this year and snap peas for dinner tonight. There was something about the bright green peas and their light airy smell that sold me today. Mmmm, is your mouth watering yet? Gosh, mine is...maybe I'll just have one berry before dinner?

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