Monday, June 22, 2009


Thanks to Mom for the email tip about author Marilyn Brant's blog, Brant Flakes and AustenFest (description of AF post here) on her blog!

In honor of Brant's upcoming novel release--According to Jane, due out late September--she has guest authors of other JA fanfic posting with her on the blog. Today's author is Syrie James, author of The Lost Memoirs of Jane Austen, and it was a fun interview. Complete with virtual tea, scones and prizes (did someone say galley copies of books?!), it's a great time! Check it out!

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Marilyn Brant said...

You are so wonderful for mentioning the AustenFest here! Thanks for spreading the word :-).

p.s. I read your great post on Eat, Pray, Love--I really appreciated Elizabeth Gilbert's writing style and, like you, she's inspiring me to find a better sense of balance. Haven't gotten it yet, though...