Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Persuasion on PBS

Masterpiece on PBS started Jane Austen month this last Sunday. It started with a new adaptation of Persuasion. It was pretty good. I think that the earlier version with Amanda Root & Ciaran Hinds from 1995 was better. But give me a couple of viewings and I might change my mind. Both actors playing Anne and Captain Wentworth were good, and the depiction of the story was decent. It felt flat when dealing with Sir Elliot, Lady Russell and their interactions with Anne and the rest of the story. I was a bit disappointed with the ending--most of the wording for Wentworth's letter was the original, but changing the locale to the street didn't work for me. Overall 3 of 5 bonnets (that's my newly invented JA rating system) because the lead actors satisfied me and it was Persuasion after all. Give me a chance to watch it again and I'll let report back.

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