Wednesday, January 27, 2010

One Step Behind or Happy Belated Robert Burns Day

I have good intentions. Really, I do. But as per usual these days, I am simply one step behind.

Yesterday, in mind I celebrated the Scottish celebration of Robert Burns Day or Robbie Burns Day. I thought longingly of partaking in a Burns' supper feast of haggis, neeps and tatties while someone recited the Address to a Haggis. And I lifted my imaginary pint 'o cider to Dear Ol' Robbie Burns. (If you can't remember what he wrote, think "A Red, Red Rose" or "To a Mouse.")

And with this commemoration of Robbie Burns, the Scottish poet, I remember fondly a time not so long ago...Or was it...GOOD GOD!--Was it ten years ago already?...

On January 27, 2000, I embarked on an adventure to Aberdeen, Scotland to study at the University of Aberdeen for 5 1/2 months. In honor of this precious time a decade ago, I will offer a series of photo blog posts commemorating my trip. I just digitized my photos from the trip and am excited to share them online with some far away friends. (Although I now realize that I took extremely boring photos. I might gently borrow some photos from online. DH and M&D, I might be coming for your negatives from your visits! )

*Warning & Note: Should you read this blog and see a younger version of you at some point in the next several weeks, enjoy it and don't hunt me down. :)

Aberdeen: The guidebook I had described Aberdeen as a "Symphony in Gray." Oh how true. And how beautiful. Covered in the local gray granite, even the streets have gray granite in them. While wet and rainy much of the time, the sun seems to make an appearance at least once a day and whether wet or sparkling in the sun the gray of Aberdeen is beautiful.

St. Machar's Cathedral in Old Aberdeen (where I went to church). Located near Seaton Park and University (Uni).
St. Machar's Cathedral from Seaton Park in the spring.

Daffodils in Seaton Park (found online, forgive me).

A street in Old Aberdeen (crossing the River Don? or between Hillhead Residence & Uni? I can't remember exactly and the scrapbook is downstairs and I'm really tired, but I think I could walk right to this bridge if I was there. Funny how memory retains bits like that, eh? (Eh and it's usage: I met several fabulous Canadians in Aberdeen and they really did use "Eh" quite a bit and it stuck.)

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