Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Bah-Humbug List

In the sprirt of my favorite middle school research project of the year (7th graders read A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens and host a Fezziwig Party at the end of the unit), I offer my Scrooge inspired Bah-Humbug list. I'm not feeling very much like it's the Holiday Season this year...
  • It was 58 degrees in my office at work for three days running. Don't get me wrong, 58 degrees is great. But not on negative degree days without windchill. Seriously people. At least I know what to get some of my co-workers--snuggies. In school colors, of course. Perhaps, embroidered even?
  • Driving on the morning of the first snow in MN. Aren't we supposed to know how to drive?
  • 12.5 month olds who throw temper tantrums because they don't get their way (especially at the evening meal). This is getting old fast. Anyone have any tips? Tantrum-y child, one. Mom and Dad, zero.
  • Tacky Christmas songs. Like "Jingle Bell Rock" or "I Saw Mama Kissing Santa Claus." Again, seriously people. (Of course, don't misunderstand me. John Denver and the Muppets and the Carpenter's Christmas are two of my favorites, but on the all Christmas radio station I'd like to hear something with substance. Or at least Kermit.
  • Remembering gift ideas for yourself that you've thought of at least 30 times in the last year AFTER you've given your family ideas and it's really just too late.
  • Forgetting the book you are reading at your parents and it will be three weeks until you get it back. (While the world won't end for this one, it is disappointing. And I'm too cheap to buy another copy.)
  • Numerous attempts over the last month for a family Christmas photo. No dice. Screaming child or wiggly child, two. Mom and Dad, zero.

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Amy said...

Photoshop will solve your Christmas photo problems.....or do what we had to do and just use a solo picture of your darling kiddo (she's the one we all want to hang on the fridge, anyway ;-)