Monday, March 16, 2009

Pemberley By the Sea

Pemberley By the Sea: A Modern Love Story, Pride & Prejudice Style by Abigail Reynolds was a delightfully quick read.

Summary: Cassie Boulton, marine biologist, meets aloof, handsome & rich Calder Westing one summer while she does research and he visits a friend. They fall for each other, but Cassie feels that Calder doesn't really care for her due to his aloof manner, while Calder struggles to figure out how to get her attention. They lose touch and only after Cassie reads Calder's latest novel, a modern telling of P&P where she is Elizabeth and he, Darcy, does she realize how much he loves her and she him. There is also the side stories of their two friends (Jane & Bingley) and Calder horrific family (Lady Catherine anyone?).

Reynolds found modern counterparts to D & E in both Cassie & Calder. While I found the side story dealing with Calder's family and Cassie's troubled past a bit boring & overdone, it fit into the Lady Catherine/Lydia plot of P&P. Reynolds could have tidied that story up a bit to make it a bit shorter. Otherwise, it was such an enjoyable read that I stayed up late to finish it on a Friday evening.

4 out of 5 Bonnets.

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