Monday, March 30, 2009

Not Worth It?

It's so rare that I don't get into a P&P continuation. So very rare. But here it is: The Pemberley Chroniciles by Rebecca Ann Collins is not keeping my attention right now. In fact, it is so bland that I after reading only one chapter, I skipped to the last few and tried to read the end to see if it might be worth reading the rest of the book. One could argue that you can't tell much by reading the end when you haven't really read much of the beginning or any of the middle, but I'd argue otherwise. Here again, the book didn't not intrigue me. It was rather blazee. So, I guess I'd have to say maybe 1 Bonnet in the grand scheme of things. I am so disappointed. This one was the first in a series, too! Sigh...Guess it's time to request the next piece of JA fanfic from the library.

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