Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sense & Sensibility

Seeing the newest movie edition of Sense and Sensibility inspired me to reread S&S again. Much to my dismay I realized I didn't actually own a copy of this book and remedied that immediately. I ran to the local B&N and grabbed a B&N edition of the book.

First, let's take a look at the cover. I was about half way through the book when I stopped and stared at the cover for a moment. Do the women on the cover look like women from Regency England? They look a bit more like women from another time, maybe more Marie Antoinette like than anything else. This discrepancy bothers me. It will forever taint my copy of S&S now. Apparently, I am purist when it comes to things like this. Get it right people!

I did, however, enjoy reading S&S again. What struck me this time through, was that JA's sentence structure needed some help and vastly improved throughout her writing. S&S was the first published novel, and I felt like I could tell. Some of the sentences were lone paragraphs in and of themselves. And they were hard to discern. I had to read some of them outloud at times. I don't remember having such a problem with P&P or Persuasion or any other JA work for that matter. Does that mean her writing style changed or improved some? I don't know. Just food for thought.

Otherwise, it was an enjoyable reading of S&S. Elinor just as level headed as ever. Marianne just as emotional as ever. But one more question: Would Elinor really have forgiven Edward Ferrars so willingly and easily? I mean, he deceived her and she still things the world of him and finds no fault in him. In fact, he is more honorable because he chose to stick by Lucy. But he was not honest with his friends and with Elinor and shouldn't she have been upset with him?

Anyhoo. Just some thoughts.
5 Bonnets. :)

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