Thursday, June 19, 2008

Confessions of A Jane Austen Addict (the book, not me)

First, let's set the record straight. I wasn't trying to copy this book title when I created my blog. I really hadn't heard of it yet. I was just trying to be clever in the creation of said blog. And yet, it seems someone has beaten me to the punch. So much for creativity...

Second, I finally read an honest to goodness book. Along with a blogging hiatus it seems I took a reading hiatus as well. I opening admit that this is the first book I'd read in (ACK! Dare I say it?)--3 or so months! Anyhoo, 23 Things has finished and I got caught up in the end of the school year and the need for sleep. A lot of sleep. This peanut inside me is kicking my behind.

But alas, back to books and dear Jane....

Book: Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict by Laurie Viera Rigler.
This book tells the story of Courtney Stone, a love scorned LA woman, who wakes up to find herself in Regency England and in another's body. She finds herself, or rather her new persona, Jane to be an unmarried 30 year old like actual LA self. Courtney struggles to understand how to behave in her new life and how to get back to her old. All the while, trying to figure out if Jane's love interest, Mr. Edgeworth is really worth it.

This book was fun and entertaining until the end. I was a bit miffed--it just kind of ended for me. It felt like there was not much of a resolution and sort of like the author wasn't sure how to end it and just tried to tidy up the ending but didn't succeed. It was unclear what really happened to Courtney. Jane's life was nice and neat but it was confusing and let the reader wanting more for Courtney. She just faded into the background of the story as Jane's story took over.

That said, it was fun and I read the whole thing in a afternoon/evening, so it must have been reasonably entertaining.

3 Bonnets!

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