Saturday, January 7, 2012

2012 Goals

First, before the Jane book blogging can begin, I am going to share my 2012 goals.  Notice how I'm not calling them New Year's Resolutions?  The word goals seems a bit more attainable.  I was listening to the news earlier this week and they said it was good to have set times to meet resolutions or goals, so I even have those this year.  (Hey, at least I didn't write my own personal goals in SMART format, ok.  That would have been a bit overdone for even me...)

1. Lose 15 lbs by the last day of school, June 8th.  I did just have child numero dos and even my fat "I purchased these after the birth of numero uno to go back to work" pants don't fit.  No good.  No good at all.  Must control chocolate habit.  Must drink more water (Dr. Oz claims this is key to losing weight and jump staring one's metabolism.  Did I mention I have been watching a lot of daytime TV?).  Eat more vegetables.  (More Dr. Oz.) Probably should add exercising in there, too.  But I do have 2 young children and will soon be working full time again at a job where I'm on my feet a lot.  Remember, I'm starting with attainable.

2. Finish numero uno child's 1st year scrapbook by end of Winter.  (Spring Starts Tuesday March 20th, I guess that's my day!) She's 3 now, I think it's about time.  And I'm not sure my marriage can take my scrapbooking crap all over our den much longer....

3. Blog.  ONCE A WEEK.  By Friday.  With some connection to Dear Jane.  In each one.  No problem, right?!

4. Learn to make a decent pot of coffee.  It's come to my attention, recently, that I can't do this.  It all tastes like crud.  I should be able to do make a pot of coffee....

Other Thoughts and Ruminations on these goals:
A. I've never owned a scale in my adult life.  Maybe now's the time if I'm serious?
B. There might need to be a chocolate purse in this house.
C. Child numero dos will be lucky to get a scrapbook at all at the rate I'm going.
D. Need to not let blogging pile up.  (Like right now, seeing as I have a large stack of books to write about.)
E. Since I got a new coffee pot for Christmas, I can't blame the coffee pot anymore. Darn it!
F: Jane would probably suggest I make a nice pot of tea instead.  (See, there's the Jane Connection for this entry...weak, yes, but there nevertheless) And I might agree with her right now...

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