Sunday, March 2, 2008

Enthusiasm & More Letters

Enthusiasm by Polly Shulman (Young Adult Fiction)
Julia loves P&P and she introduced her best friend Ashleigh to it. Ashleigh becomes more than enthused with P&P, she becomes obsessed! Suddenly they speak like 19th C heroines and are dressing in empire waste dresses and are on the quest to find Mr. Darcy & Mr. Bingley. They crash the nearby boys prep school ball and meet two guys. Then it's romance and a series of misadventures until True Love is found. Cute, funny, although somewhat predictable. I don't see this one being popular with teens and it's a teen book...
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More Letters From Pemberley: A Novel of Sisters, Husbands, Heirs 1814-1819 by Jane Dawkins
This sequel takes off where the first Letters left off in the saga of their lives. However, while the first book was only letters from E to Jane, this book contains letters from E to Jane, Mrs. Gardiner and even to D himself. It is an interesting addition to the story and would have been a bit boring without the change up in who the letters were to. The story takes us on joys and sorrows with E & D and is another fine addition to the pleathora of P&P continuations out there.
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